Guys: What you text vs what you mean...

if you text a girl

Hey, what are you doing?

how did that meeting go?

out at a party I'll see you later.

take care

anytime :-)

When you text her all the time on Facebook

when you use emoticons

--i took these examples from cosmo magazing..a few added are ones I added on my own.--


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  • First of all, stop taking Cosmo so serious. It's brainwashing you girls. I know, because I read some magazine's and most of the stuff in there is hilarious, not mentioning all the things they write about that aren't even true.

    So about your question: what you text vs. what you mean

    First 2 lines: just making conversation, being polite by asking how she's doing, showing some interest, showing I remembered that meeting...

    When I'm at a party and can't talk, I'll say I'm at a party and talk some other time...

    Take care: just a way to say bye

    Anytime :-) probably if I did something for her, she says thanks, I say 'anytime'

    If I message her all the time on Facebook I must really like her.

    I don't use emoticons often, I am pretty economical with them, even with a girl I like.

    So to sum things up: when I'm talking to a girl I'm just making conversation. My intentions may be different from girl to girl though.


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  • Women and their magazines. Don't buy all the hype. Let me translate these for you.

    1.Hey, what are you doing? I'm bored.

    2.How did that meeting go? How did that meeting go?

    3,out at a party I'll see you later. I'm busy I'll talk to you later.

    4.Take care take care

    We are fairly simple, don't try to over analyze things.

  • All men aren't the same, you need to understand him & his personality an put two an two together to see his feelings.

  • Rule one - Never ever listen to Cosmo.


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