Guys "how" would you date a girl who's waiting?

If a girl was waiting until marriage to have sex (not religious though)

would you ever consider dating her, and if so what would you even do (sexually/romantic wise) if you know you can't "go all the way".

and by no sex= nothing that ends with job or sex

be as honest as possible haha


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  • Because many guys have entitled attitudes towards sex and sexual pleasure from a girl or have just been sexually spoiled by sexual girls who couldn't keep their legs closed if their lives depended on it, I think it's best not to tell them until AFTER they've fallen for you.


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  • I wouldn't.

  • Not a chance. Marrying someone before having sex with them is like buying a car without taking it for a test drive.

    • There are other ways to find out if you're sexually compatible though,sex isn't really a complicated process

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    • wow okay don't murder me, calm your t*ts. No I'm not naive, just because I haven't had sex doesn't mean I don't know about it. When you break it down, it's only about, amount of passion, positions, and stamina. and if you're sexually attracted to someone and WANT to have sex with each other, then that's it.

      And yeah, you can find out sexual comp. in many different ways, you sound like you just want hole for your d***. you can find out by talking, making out, dancing, and so on...

    • You haven't had sex so you can't really have an informed opinion of what makes sex "good" between two people. Trust me, actually having sex is very different than talking about sex or even watching it. There are a hundred different subtle things that people do differently during sex that can turn their partner on or off, and most of them are things you don't even consciousl do . There is no way to find out if you are sexually compatible with someone other than actually having sex with them.

  • I am waiting until marriage myself, but I have religious reasons as well as non-religious. I would prefer to date a girl who had a religious aspect to her commitment as well or would at least be open to seeing why I believe so.

  • No since I respect that and I know that id torture myself having a girl like this as a girlfriend

    Dating as friends wouldn't be that bad however but I would refrain on becoming romantic

  • Why is she waiting? My answer depends on that.

  • I would be thrilled to be honest. I don't enjoy the fact that most girls are giving it out easily. I'm not getting involved with them, so actually getting a girl that doesn't would be fantastic. I don't have to have a girl that is a virgin. She just can't be like a lot of girls.

    Anyway, the only problem would be that I don't know where I stand on marriage. I have become cynical about it, but I guess I could be persuaded. I'm not religious either. People always jump to that.

    • yay! at least one guy said yes, I personally feel like there are so many more important aspects of a relationship other then sex. If only more guys felt that way.

    • I agree.

      I wish there were more girls that felt that way too.

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