Why do guys 'just leave'? How do I deal with it?...

Throughout my life, I have dealt with guys who have been very friendly and fun to hang out with, and they tell me I'm the same, and everything is just fine...and then one day, they just randomly just dropped off the face of the earth...months go by, and no call, no text, no e-mail...I know that it's a common problem, unfortunately...I just don't understand why. I wasn't emotionally desperate or clingy or bitchy...I don't call/text them 18 times a day...or at all anymore, really...I guess I figure, 'if they really want to talk to me, they will call me'...so why do guys just leave and never give you the time of day ever again? And why are they such cowards that they don't bother to tell the girl WHY they are going to stop talking with them? And how do you deal with a broken heart that comes with it? Sorry...that's a lot of questions, but believe me, I have dozens more that I would love to ask...these are the ones that are bugging me the most right now...


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  • Yea...would be nice for an answer guys ! because just being left MIA really sucks & kind of hurts.


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  • I think you don't convey much that you're interested in them.

    Yes, they're having fun with you, however some guys just ten to leave women who doesn't really express their interest well. Those women come off as disinterested though deep inside they're interested.

    Or perhaps, you always prefer texting them rather spending time with them by hanging out.

    It's not that they are coward. For some guys, there's no point in telling the girl.

    Deal with the broken heart? Just hang out more with guys. Nothing will really happen if you sulk in the deepest, darkest corner of your house trying to analyze what didn't went well.


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  • Sometimes guys just outgrow people and since you never talked to them, they forget about you. Especially if you guys never were that serious. The only time a guy would confront you with it is when y'all are dating and thy broke up with you. If you want to still talk to them,you should try to talk to them as well.