If she doesn't text or call back

I've known this girl for a long time and have rarely ever talked to her a few days ago I messaged her on myspace and asked if we could get to know each other better and she said yeah so I gave her my number and then she gave me hers so I texted her the next day for a while and then we stopped so I texted her again the next day and she never texted back so I called her in the evening and never got an answer back I did the same thing the next day and she did not answer or call me back WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN

(this is what some girls told me a guy should do dut I don't think it is working)



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  • Too fast. I think with this girl, you should take it slow. Call her once every week first, if she gives positive response, add the frequency. Ask her out when you do call her. Don't ask now since she has not responded. Give it a time. Wait until she reponded to your last text back. If she didn't respond, call her next week. Text her or call to ask her out. If no response, you should get the hint right?


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