Why is the guy acting like this after I told him off?

There is a guy at work that I am interested in but the only problem is that he has a girlfriend. The guy was also interested me as he told me. Every morning he would message me with Good Morning and ask how I was and a few times we have had phone sex. But every time after we have phone sex he says that when he does it he feels like it cheating on his girlfriend. After that I would get just get angry and then he would try to cheer me up. Sometimes when we are talking he would just come out and say that I am gorgeous and really attractive. The other day I kind of had enough of this relationship with him, so I sent him a message saying that we should minimize the amount of messaging we do and the fact that he has a girlfriend hurts me inside. But I cannot change that and there will not be any chance of us being together. It has been almost a week and the texting between us has minimized between us. But when we do see each other at work he acts a bit shy around me now. He is a shy person but not that shy. There was a time that I was chatting around the corner for where he worked and and specifically came out to say hi and when I was talking to my workmates I would see at the corner of my eye that he is staring at me. I am trying my hardest to not message him as much as possible because I do still have feelings for him. Why is he acting this way and what should I do?


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  • Well you told him that you guys should stop messaging, and he did, he still likes his girl but he thinks your pretty but knowing he had a girl you should of left it alone...drop it


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