Is he playing or what?

so about a year ago I met this lad,two years older than me,we got close quite quickly,used to go out everyday like a group with a few others,after a while we drifted,then a few months on we got talking again,walked me home one night had our first kiss together ha,then we was arguing over some lad and I moved on again,then about four months after that,which was about a month ago we got speaking again,we was all out and we bumped into him and a few mates,it was snowing he gave me he's coat and that aw,then the next day he asked me to come out and meet him on the Sunday so I did,all we did is cuddle for hours,he gave me a massage. when I got in I had a message from him and we spoke till he went sleep,and all day the next day that week,then I met him the Sunday after that and on tueday I went and met him to,he told me stuff about he's family that no one knows and calls me beautiful,princess and said he's lucky to have me and stuff and that he never wants to loose me,saying he's never felt this way before,saying he wants to watch the stars and count them with me and stuff,speaking all day literally everyday and then he found out I was out meeting some lad and the next minute he puts another girl in he's name,and he didntt speak to me all last night then this morning he popped up saying good morning with a few hearts,i just don't know what he's playing at:Sif he likes me or what


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  • Yes, he does like you and he's not playing.

    Ehen he found that you were meeting with some lad, I think that got him pretty upset, dashed all his hopes and so he went for another girl.


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  • he's not playing ..

    he just got jealous easily..


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