The guy that I like, like someone else!

So I know this guy for years already because we go to the same College. He is 3 years ahead of me so there are just few situations that I get the chance to talk to him, he is really friendly and nice almost to everyone because he is the student council president so I don't know if he likes me or just being nice. We started talking like few months ago when we see each other like he will smile and all that. And a month ago we started talking on Facebook but just about school and stuff. Sometimes I don't reply right away because I don't like him at that moment. The last time he chatted me he says he gotta go but if ever, we can text each other but I didn't text him and didn't respond to his last message. Few days ago he chatted me again asking what's up and we started texting too but not that much because he is really busy with his reviews. He also ask me if I have a boyfriend. But I found out that he is courting someone already, I'm not sure though.

He also likes my photos on Facebook and told me before that I should join a beauty pageant. When we started texting I usually text back for like 6 or more than hours. He is not texting me like every minute because he is busy for the review for board exam so he's basically really busy. He always answer my message with every details and told me about the review and stuff.


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  • "asking what's up" - "ask me if I have a boyfriend" - "told me before that I should join a beauty pageant" - "He always answer my message with every details"

    Well that's defiantly more than being nice. There is no guy in the world who is asking a girl "what's up" just to be nice.

    He is interested in you, even if he is courting someone else.

    • What should I do then? When he started talking to me online I didn't respond that much because like I've said I'm not that interested that time. I think he just started courting this girl at that time, but still he asked me "what's up" until I get interested and just thought that he might like me with all those things he said. But I don't know now, he's a really nice guy I don't think that he will stop courting this girl just because he is interested in me. :(

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    • If he was really interested, than you can't blow it just off.

      If he is really busy with his reviews, but still finds time to chat with you he is very interested.

      Sorry I can't help you with finding out for sure. And if you don't see him anymore, than that's just bad luck. Sorry.

      But little signs of interest from your side, will encourage him to start digging more ;-)

    • When he is interested then, I have a boyfriend and it showed on Facebook.

  • He just likes you as close friend. I think there's nothing wrong when he speaks to you often. It's better than not speaking to each other at all.

    • we're not close friend

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