Might she still like me?

So my ex and I work together. Things have been better between us finally. We joke around and make fun of each other like we used to. However outside of work when we text it is awkward. We don't really say much and don't always answer each other. Well the last three nights we worked together and were doing most tasks together. Another employee asked if her and I are dating which we both replied no. However her face instantly turned red and she sounded really nervous when she said no. In your opinion do you think she might still have feelings for me? We dated for about 6 months and broke up in November.


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  • let things play out more. it also depends why you broke up she might want you as a friend. if you want her back make her wait but still show intrest that way she will want to keep you and be with you even more. when a girl knows she can have a guy whenever she wants or a guy who does whatever she says then she loses intrest.


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