Christian dating non christian?

Hello, I'm a christian girl and I need a word of advice. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to date non christians and if I were, where should I stop? Can I kiss,makeout, etc? Because I doubt I can marry someone I've never kissed

I really really want a christian boyfriend, but .. no luck so far :\

I'm not talking about having sex, I'm definitely saving that for marriage. I was just wondering about kissing and stuff.. But yeah, I've decided - No kissing unless things are pretty serious and the guy is christian


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  • Darling, darling, darling, don't lose hope! May God bless you in this journey! Speaking solely from experience, I have to say hands down that dating non-christian chicks has always been very challenging in keeping boundaries. Mainly because, I would, cuddle, kiss, get slightly intimate and romantic but never naked or involving penetration. You see, non-christian people expect things to escalate as the relationship takes off. Some people become official after the first kiss, while the majority by the first time having sex. If you truly cherish our faith and believe that God is all powerful he will provide the right guy at the right time. I was on the verge of "giving up" but as I implored God for a successful relationship with a HOT christian woman, he gave me my present girlfriend. Honestly darling I was in a state of awe and amazement. She was everything a man could want. She was a really really really pretty girl, with nice boobs and the greatest of faces. And you want to know what the best part was? We were both virgins saving each other for marriage! I'm not even kidding! You see, God rewards the patient and the persevering. Sometimes it takes waiting beyond what you think you can bear to enjoy a true heartwarming blessing. If you wait upon the Lord he will not give you a partner who will break your heart for the heck of it. He will give you a person that has the capacity to love and cherish you. It's a guarantee win, as long as you trust his holy will. It sure as heck ain't easy, but it's absolutely doable. And whoever will tell you that, there are no "good" guys around, that's a lie. I'm one of them. I have surely a long way to improve before I solve all my issues, but I cherish abstinence, chastity and believe in Love. I honestly pray that you stay strong. If you really want to speed up things, work on yourself. Work on your self-confidence, work on understanding what you want from a man. And most of all, work on strengthening your relationship with your father in heaven. He was the first to love you and he will provide a loving man too, at the right time. Ill pray for you!

    • Thanks for B/A! That's nice of you! :D I dearly hope that the right guy comes along one of these days. You deserve a good man because you have an honest heart and your motives are pure. May God bless you in that! One small word of advice though, although I don't agree with escalating the sex part quick, kissing with boundaries can work pretty well and enjoyable. Just be clear with your man, that it's kissing and nothing else. You'll gain his respect by being upfront too :)

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  • You are free to date who you like, however it depends on what you are after and how far you want it to go. I personally wouldn't date a girl without a belief in God to begin with


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  • I'm Catholic. I personally would never date any guy that is Catholic, but that's me. I would, if you find yourself in that boat, talk to the guy about "how far to go" in the relationship before you start dating him. Explain to him how your Christian faith is important to you. I don't think you should go any farther than kissing--you shouldn't do anything more. After all, save your virginity for your future husband.

    If you really want a Christian boyfriend, too, you can wait. Don't lower your standards and hang in there. The right guy will come along.

  • I am a Christian too and I have wondered this but you should go as far as you feel comfortable. As far as how far to go well if you want to save sex for marriage then stop before you get to the point where you want to have sex with your boyfriend. There is no rule saying that you have to go out with a Christian, just make sure that he respects your beliefs and doesn't come between you and your relationship with god.

    I hope this is if some use to you.

  • I'm pretty sure it's against your religion to date non Christians.

    • you can date non-christians, its just not smart because obviously you want the person you date to have the same priorities as you

  • It all depends on your morals and standards. I am a Christian, and this is how I feel.

    I think that relationships should be kept simple. I think that couples should not get too intimate before marriage.

    Kissing is fine, but intense makeout sessions every day are not.

    I think that couples should practice abstinence until marriage, and they should not take part in cohabitation or any other sexual acts either. Again, keep the relationship simple.

    Relationships should be built on emotional love before all else. Once you love the person fully and completely for who they are, without the influence of the physical stuff, then you can add in the physical stuff and it will not change how you feel about them. you already loved them truly before you started doing those things.

    As for dating a Christian guy or not, that is up to you. Remember, that a guy who is not christian may be willing to have a change of heart when he sees you living a good Christian life, and if he really loves you. that happened with my parents. Personally, I would not rule out a non-christian guy if he is a very nice, gentlemanly guy, with good morals. but, like I said, that is up to you and your personal preferences.

    I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions or need clarification, I would be more than happy to help!

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