Do you believe in or do you date people online and can I get some advice for dating in real life too?

I always was against it because that show How to Catch a predator I didn't trust guys so people that say they are a guy. And after watching Catfish I'm positive it'd never do that.

I don't mind talking to people online but I usually stop if the guy tries to hit on me.But I think some have figured out to befriend me and then try to get at me. And now I feel played with a tricked because I don't stop talking to them since I guess I like them and trust them . I'm only 18 but I was 17 last month so maybe I'm still naive . I've only showed normal pictures nothing naked or in a bikini or underwear. I've never stayed talking to guys that have asked that but I can't tell if these guys are just friends or trying to be something more.

I'm not going to lie me seeing what the guy looks like makes me like him more and I've never dated in real life either so I'm kind of confused! My guy friends in real life are platonic and hardly ever compliment or flirt with me and if they do I kind of shrug it off or negatively respond.

I usually like guys based on looks though and whenever I tried to get to know them they've been jerks so I'm taking a break from 'talking' to guys. I am usually not physically attracted to my guy friends because I always ignore guys I am since I can't act normal around guys I'm attracted to. But a few times I've started to like my guy friends because of their personality and I'm physically attracted now. I am like that with about 3 of them but I won't tell them because I don't wana ruin the friendship or go back on my word...some of my female friends have joked about me liking some and when one was around I said he's not my type and that one seems distant.

Sorry this is long but I'm kind of confused with how dating goes to having a relationship because I've given guys my number that asked in the street but even didn't get close or anything and on top of all that I've never kissed a guy. I know shouldn't worry but I can't help it!


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  • I don't do online dating...just try not to get too attached since chances are you'll never meet in real life


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  • Sure why not esp if you are tired of city ppl

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