What is he thinking?!

Okay so meet this great guy online, totally hit it off we message essays back and fourth for about a week and we end up texting which leads to him calling me. We talk everyday he calls me ever night. Not too much texting throughout the day he's 29 so not s big texter but always calls and hour convo's. We went out 3 times great times we had about an 6 hour date every time, talking going out to eat taking drives he had set up every date. Always says how great of a time he had. (and so did i) I'm really into him we click we agree on so much. Same family values we agreed that its so hard to find people with the same quality's as one another. We've only kissed. I went away on vacation for 10 days and we still talked throughout. I bought him a little gift from Aruba. I come home and I can't help but notice that he's just not as into it. He'll call me not so much everyother day a text here and there but its still the same he's still just as talkative and asks and remembers things I say. he's not cold just not giving me as much. But! he talks about meeting up. wants to hangout. He has made 2 attempts on seeing each other, saying well play it by ear and when it comes down to the night I end up texting him and he tries to pull off that we never even had plans, like at least let me know what's up. tell me your geting outa work late whatever but done leave me hanging. so weird. tonight is the 2nd time it happened. he answered my text by saing just what's up. so I didn't answer. I'm really upset. I don't wana screw this up. he's very busy with his job and I get that, really, because I am too at time. I don't nag its not like I need all this attanetion. I'm pretty laid back. I just want him to be upfront about it. is he into me? I mean if a guy wants to see you hell make it happen. he was so making it clear that he wanted to see me before I went away. he even bought me a little throughtful gift on our 2nd date. I just don't get it? what should I say about him blowing me off the 2nd time? I don't want to come off as a physco you know? were not officially dating so its like what's too much to say and what's not? I just wana knw what his deal is. helppp haha


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  • He's really into you.

    However, things could've gotten off hand with him that's why he pulls off in the last minute. Or he doesn't have any money to spend.

    • Thank you! I just don't want him to drift away! and I don't know how to ask him what's up

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