Better site: okcupid or pof?

The two most talked about online dating websites.

POF is more old school and simple, whereas OkCupid has a modern match system.

But which is better, based on your experience?

- Based on quality of people

- Interface (conduciveness to meeting more people)

- Which has gotten you more dates

  • Plenty of Fish
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  • Ok Cupid
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Both PlentyofFish and OkCupid are worth your time, no questions asked. PlentyofFish has a bit of an edge up with a hugely, diverse and active user base that is the easiest to connect with through their well-known forums. However, OkCupid continues to gain momentum and their fun quizzes and great design makes it a really lively search experience. If you are considering free dating sites, for real, these two are at the very very top. I say, check them both out and see which one is right for you!

    If I were to choose, POF.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I like OkCUpid over POR, but truth of the matter is nothing beats the pay sites like, only because it filters out the trolls and people who are willing to put out a little money for a dating site tend to be more serious than those who just sign up for free.

    • good point. I will eventually sign up for a paid one. but I would definitely practice on the free ones first to get a good sense of what I'm doing before I pay.

  • i like how simple POF is

    you can limit who messages you (non-married people only, no druggies,no one with children, people under or over a certain age, and people within a certain distance) this helps weed out people you would have ignored anyways

    i've gotten a lot of dates from people I've met on POF

    i like how you can search for people or search usernames or see who they recommend for you

    i tried OK cupid, but deleted my account soon after signing up, POF seemed much more user friendly


What Guys Said 3

  • personally I've only tried POF but that was a couple of years ago and I haven't been back to online dating since . it just wasn't my thing and I wasn't getting any dates , some replies but none that lead anywhere

  • around here PoF has more attractive females than I've seen on okcupid

    I've also seen A LOT of people I went to school with on pof, and haven't seen anyone I know on okcupid

    • as far as dates go, no idea. Don't use it that much so I haven't gotten one

    • yeah, I've generally noticed that POF is more casual. and okcupid is more for people looking for deeper love. so POF is often superficial. and okcupid is full of fatchicks and neckbeard guys.

  • I think both are crap.. I'm signed up with both and women out number men on both sites.. I stopped using both in 2010.

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