Why would a girl not text or contact a guy?

Been on 5 dates with this girl, she hardly ever text or contact me. But, when we do hook up we have a great time and are very affectionate with each other and tons of PDA. We have almost had sex a few times but have not had time since it's usually on work night due to my schedule and activities. She has told me she likes me and has a great time with every time we go and has also labeled us dating.

1.Do girls play hard to get even after 5 dates?

2.Do girls like a man to lead?

3.Do girls just like to chased all the time?

#lilstrwberygal She responds every time I text, I do notice if I don't text her for like 3 days, that is when she will text me..


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  • Well I know some girls won't text/call/FB message a guy in less he contacts her first. Usually the same girls who believe there are rules to dating. When you text her does she contact you back? If she does I wouldn't worry about it, she is just most likely one of those girls who believe the guy is supposed to call first.

  • Usually I don't play hard to get after 5 dates. Some girls do like a man to initiate contact and they do like to be chased all the time. Personally if I like the guy, I usually know by the 5th date and I don't mind initiating contact with him. By that time the guy already knows if I am into him or not. Everyone is different though.


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