I don't get him! Help?

I been talking to this guy I meet online for about 4 months. He always texts me first but we only text for like 15 min and then he never respond back. Video chatted like twice. We talk on the phone barely but when we do we never go more than an hour. When I get mad at him and don't respond to his texts he calls me immediately asking me why I won't respond back. He tells me he really likes me and all and he really don't want to lose me. I really don't understand him


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  • lol I can relate all too well. My guy did this at the beginning too. At times I felt like I was never a priority, like when he wasn't at the gym, or eating, or playing his sport then he was able to find a small amount of time to squeeze in a text to me. Then as soon as he found something else to do I'd hear nothing from him. And when I did what you said, try to ignore them since it's what they seem to be doing to us he'd text later that night, "You've been really quiet today." Frustrating right?!

    Basically when you're dating an independent guy, they're not looking for a clingy girl who they feel they have to text constantly. He's obviously showing you that he has his own life so copy his behavior, trust me he'll get the message. If he texts asking what you haven't responded just say sorry and that you were hanging with your friends or some other hobby that you may have. Most guys will actually appreciate that they don't have to worry about you sitting around miserable/depressed while they go off and do their things; they'll appreciate a girl who can hold their own in their absence. If this just isn't your style and you're more affectionate, then you guys may just not be compatible and you might want to look for someone who is better suited to what you want in a relationship. Good luck!


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