Does He Like Me Or Is He Just Flirting?

So Pat is my crush We were introduced like a year ago but we never really hang out or anything, we'd just say hi and catch up and that was it.

Then a few weeks ago we met and we hang out like for an hour or something. We talked about almost everything and then afterwards he asked for my number. He texted me like 5 minutes after we parted saying he'd had a lovely time

We've been texting back and forth since then and he's kinda made it clear that he likes me. Mostly he texts first but sometimes I'll be the one to do that. We get along really well when we're together and our texting is okay

He's smart and funny and a darling.

And he told me he had a wet dream.

He told me that normally he doesn't do serious relationships but he knows I go for serious relationships.

He sent one of my friends with a message on Friday to tell me that he loves me, in a funny kinda way then he was joking with her that they ought to be fwb. He knows we live together and we're really close and she'd've told me evrything he said. Then last night he asked me if I'd gotten his message casue I hadn't replied or anything to it.

Yesterday was his birthday and he told me that at night like 11ish

I just wanna know is he flirting with me or does he like me mor is it just lust?


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  • He does really like you.

    He even had the courage to reveal it to your close friend.


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