Does this guy like me or is he stringing me along?

Can someone please shed some light on my situation? I'm a really shy, quiet girl and I met a guy at the restaurant I work in. We didn't talk much to be honest because when I like people, I am so awkward around them and generally I kinda avoid them. But when I decided to quit, I plucked up the courage to ask for his phone number and we exchanged numbers. He has a great personality and he's really confident and outgoing so I was attracted to him. I was really happy when we exchanged numbers.

At first, we texted each other quite a bit. He told me a lot about himself and he said he trusted me. Sometimes our conversations went on for 5 hours. When we finally met up in person, I could tell he was really nervous and it was a bit awkward because I was really nervous too. When I thought I had ruined things we made plans to meet up again for a second time at 5 after I finished work to help him pick a gift for his sister. This was near Christmas last year.

When I did finish work, I didn't hear from him if we were still supposed to hang out so I texted him. He got back saying he was actually out with his sister shopping and that he would make it up to me another day. I was in town then and I was angry. 5 minutes later he texted me again saying he could still meet me, so I said 'Ok when will you get in?' He said maybe an hour and a half later but I said I could wait in town/go shopping for a bit anyway. I ended up waiting for 2 hours but he was really apologetic and gave me hugs.

After that, he would still text me but we only text for about 20 minutes and that's it. Sometimes he doesn't text me for a week. If I text, he doesn't text back. We didn't meet up again until 4 weeks later near mid January. So the third time we met up, he got me a gift worth $50. I was too shocked I didn't know how to react. Since then I haven't heard from him. Again, it's been a week. I texted him a couple days ago and he didn't text back.

If a guy likes a girl, is constant contact normal? Or is what is happening to me normal? Am I being paranoid? I feel like he's slipping away from me. Is it because when he texts or calls, I'm always available? Is he comfortable, knowing that I'm still around and that I'm there for him? I dunno...

He is supposed to be leaving in a couple of months time to help his family and I really don't know what to do! I like him but he is so flaky and confusing. Someone please help


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  • It's clear that he likes you. Perhaps, he's really busy in his life and doesn't have time to attend to you. Constant contact usually occurs when two people are in a relationship. When in a date, not so often contact is already more than enough.

    Yes, he's still comfortable around you.


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  • Just tell him, if he's interested in spending time with you, than he needs to show you/ He seems to blow you off more times than, spending time with you, because he feels you won't go nowhere.

    To me he's stringing you along. Reason why? you have to ask him that, people going from long talk and many texts to more excuses and few replies = stringing along.

  • According to my calculations, if he bought you a $50 gift, there is a high chance that he doesn'thate you.


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