FWB to dating...... Can it turn into boyfriend/girlfriend ?

I was in a friends with benefits with someone for about 7 months... recently we both have admitted that we like each other... he asked me out on a real date and we had a great time.. since then he has been bringing me around his friends and showing PDA (which he has never done before)...the other day we both agreed that we were dating...sounds dumb but I have only been in 3 serious realtionships so not sure about the "titles"... I am not looking to rush into anyhthing but I guess I am confused on why we just are not boyfriend g/f... I need some guys advice...does this mean that he still isn't sure about me? Or he wants to still keeps his options open and not be tied down?


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  • Guys don't go out of their way to take you on "real" dates unless they're trying to develop the relationship, especially if he's already getting all the physical intimacy he craves.

    I'd say date him for at least a few months to see what he's REALLY like to be around. If, after being patient, he still seems to fit your needs then have a chat with him about making the relationship exclusive.

    If you're already having sex then it shouldn't be a problem being open and honest with each other about how you feel and what you want. If you ARE too nervous to ask him to make things exclusive then you're not establishing the relationship properly. As a rule I think it's healthier to establish the type of open and honest communication that allows each partner to say what ever they like without fear of judgements LONG before being vulnerable with each-other during sex.

    Basically this is YOUR life, and YOUR needs that you have to examine. If you are into him so much that you no longer wish to share him with other women, and enough time has gone by, then it makes prefect sense to make things exclusive. Just be willing to walk away should he decide he wants to keep playing the field.

    It's okay to have expectations of our partners once a relationship is being established like you're doing. So establish the ground rules together.

    You're worth it!

    ~ Robby

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  • He's really considering having a relationship with you.

    Keep your hopes up.


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