My bi-best friend keeps asking me out, even though he's dating another friend of mine.

Soooo my bi-friend (who I liked for a long time before he came out to me) started dating my gay-friend and they're the cutest couple ever!

The only problem is, his family doesn't agree with it. They're very strict catholics.

Anyways, since the begining of their relationship he's made comments like:

"Why didn't we ever go out...?"


"omg let's date ;)" (as a joke)


"I still don't see why you never gave me a chance.."

he never asked me out before, but now that he's dating Eric, he seems to be more open about his feelings. I've been laughing it off and saying "we never dated because you're dating Eric you goon" and stuff like that, but the topic keeps coming up.

It doesn't help that my mom thinks we're dating and constantly tells him how she loves him.



What can I do to make this less awkward for everyone?


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  • Just straight up ask him if he likes you.

    Just look him in the eye and say "Hey, you've been bringing this up a lot and I need to know- what's going on? Simple yes or no, do you like me or are you joking? Just an honest answer, please because we need to talk about this."

    And then talk about everything that's going on and get it all cleared up. Once you have that talk with him you can relate it to others and everyone will feel more comfortable.


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