Does that mean he's flirting with me by text on internet??

i know this guy online when I told my friends about what he said to me they said he's flirting with me So is that right ?

the story is that I know this guy online before 5 months ago we are just friends online,anyways he sent to me a message in french not the real french ,canadian french,i couldn't find what's that means and he said that he will never tell me what is it means ?its confusing but a lot of my friends said that he said I'm one of a kind and it would be hard to find someone like me, another thing,he said that he will never stop talking to me ( in english ) what do you think he meant about that..? and we chatting everyday by text.. but the question is ..

is he flirting with me ?

i need answers ... to understand it ... help ^___L___^


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  • I think that he is flirting with you.


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