Am I just over thinking this?

I don't usually worry about stuff like this, but I really like this guy.

I got back in touch with this guy who I really liked in high school 2 years ago. He liked me too, but after we graduated we never really got a chance to hang out and see if it could go anywhere.

When I talked to him over 2 weeks ago he told me he really wanted us to hang out the next time we're home from college. He started texting me either every day or every other day after that. I didn't have to text him first at all. Last Tuesday we texted all day again and said goodnight. He said he'd talk to me later, but I didn't hear from him. So I texted him yesterday, thinking he was waiting for me. He was at the hospital with his friend, but he told me a little while later that his friend was going to be okay. A few hours later he just stopped replying. He doesn't ever just stop, so I feel like I did something wrong. The last time it took him hours to reply he texted me apologizing for it, but I haven't heard anything this time.

I know that he just got a job and he's been busy with classes, so his friend being sick on top of that is probably a lot for him right now. Am I just over thinking it? Did I do something wrong?


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  • You didn't do something wrong.

    He's just busy.


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  • Guys lie so much I can't say for sure. If you didn't open your mouth and say something to run him off,he's probably just going out with someone else. I doubt he was with his friend in the hospital. I did MMA an have had my fare share of post fight hospital stays specially when you go for 5 five minute rounds. I never had anyone visit me and vise versa. Unless his friend had cancer or something it's probably a lie. Don't wait around for him,if he asks you out or comes around and your available then go out with him. Don't be too available or you'll be seen as too easy.

  • He has a lot on his plate... let all of this crap he is dealing with sort itself out and he will likely start communicating with you again. Unless he has found a new girlfriend. Not being negative but being realistic.



    • I really hope he didn't find someone else :(

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