Question for girls being scared to get into a relationship

I had this big crush on a girl and started hanging out with her and texting a lot. A mutual friend of ours warmed me that she's never been in a relationship and she told him she's nervous to be in one. Now after a few weeks she called me and told me she thought we were friends but now she realizes she's feeling more than that and she's nervous and not ready for anything serious. A week later we went out and had an amazing time together. The same night she text me saying how much fun she had and how amazing it was. Until that date she used to message me about 35x a day after it was less than 30x the whole week and she just told me that we should stop and she dsnt have feelings for me anymore.

I know we hit it off like crazy and she told me she had feelings for me. Is it possible her feelings changed in 3 days or did she just get cold feet?


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  • Sounds like cold feet to me. If her feelings were serious enough to call you and talk openly about it then changing her mind in three days is highly unlikely.


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