What are some fun dates to go on?

I've never been on a date yet so I don't know. I don't want a movie because you can't talk but what idea do you have.


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  • The trick to picking a fun date is knowing what you both like. I dated a guy friend once, and for our first date, we watched funny Youtube videos at his house, went out to eat, and then went to his friend's house to play Wii. But I have this other guy friend who, when we go out, we go to our favorite restaurants (usually a fast food place) and just talk for hours. Both are really fun times, but it makes a difference who I do it with. :)

    • So you like nice simple dates?

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    • Probably. I don't know any girls who are okay with super expensive dates early on.

    • I mean I'd wnt something nice to impress her but not too much.

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  • Dates I've loved:

    Ice skating

    Walking around downtown at night (its so pretty in my area lol)

    The zoo

    His place... we just hung out, talked, played video games, ate, etc :)

    Bowling+movie ... go bowling first so you two can chat and get comfy then cuddle during the movie :))

  • Bowling

    Ice skating

    Bumper cars

    Museums (plenty to talk about and see, but only if she is into that sort of thing)

    Free concert at night (some bars usually have this, and again, only of she is into it)

    Video games are fun

    Volunteering (went on a first date where we did volunteer work together. nothing is better than creating a mutual good feeling for each other by helping the world a little bit :))


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  • Best first date is dinner or something with food.

    The good thing is it could last as little as 20 minutes and as long as an hour. Which is a good way to feel one another out and if there's silence...you can always just eat food.

    I've done the baseball games, parks and stuff but I think that's more 2nd- 3rd date stuff when the two know that they like each other.. for the first date... it's tough because if the two of you don't click... that's a long time of awkward silence.