What's going on here, is he ignoring me, playing games or just not interested?

-He's my boss so we really aren't supposed to sleep together, but we have.

-He has told me about why he got divorced, his kids (he has shown me pictures of them and has told me about what they do in school and things like that)

-He has randomly stopped texting me, but if I randomly text him he responds immediately.

-We are both in the military and I am leaving soon, so I am not sure if he felt like he was getting too attached?

-Every time he sees me in the office he always goes to smoke with me and talks about the weather to start a conversation lol he also jokes with me (flirting maybe?)

-He treats me differently than other women in the office.

-He laughs and smiles around me.

-When we were hooking up he was always grinning with his eyes closed and would rub my face, play with my hair and hold my hand..

-I have feelings for him but I am not sure if he does for me because he has stopped texting me. Its driving me CRAZY because it started off as hooking up and then its turned into this..

I am trying to figure out if he is playing hard to get or if he is waiting for me to text him and ask to meet up or if he is clearly just not interested anymore. I don't want to say something to him and make it awkward if he rejects me because like I said, he's my boss.. I am super confused about these signals.. I mean, he wouldn't open up to me like that if he wasn't interested in more than just hooking up, right? Should I text him or no?


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  • I think he's really interested in you more than the hook up.

    If you would love this relationship to continue, it would be best if you'll respond to his texts, and find time to spend with him outside work.


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  • Not good to date the boss. You f***ed him and got your thrill so you need to move on. Don't be a jackass and try and treat this like a relationship outside of work. You knew this going in and now you're just trying to hold on to something you should have never touched in the first place. Just my advice and opinion is to run like hell from your situation.

  • I don't think its possible to play hard to get after sex.

    it seems likes he's making you work for those affections, an will try an play cool when face to face.


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  • i don't think he's interested, sorry.