I know he likes me but how do I get him to make the next move?

ive been talking to this guy that I met at a mall I work at, he also works at a store there as well. he is 26, and it took him a while to finally tell me he still lives at home. which I don't mind. he likes talking to me and we hang out sometimes. if you saw us out and about ud think we are a couple who's been together for a long time but we just met a couple months ago. he likes me a lot and I know he does but he said he doesn't want a girlfriend. but he wants to see me all the time. he loves going places with me and we pick on each other a lot and act like children. it just doesn't make sense to me to put so much time and effort into seeing me and talking to me if he doesn't want a girlfriend. he treats me like a girlfriend, we just don't kiss. we cuddle and hold hands while we are out and he buys me things but doesn't want anything in return. the normal boyfriend stuff. please explain to me what this guy is up to. we've been talking about getting a hotel room together for a night sometime soon, not to have intercourse but so we can talk and cuddle together. please explain to me what this guy is thinking because I am so lost.


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  • He just wants to take things slowly, and not to rush into any serious.

    To make him make the next move, just go with the flow because soon, he'll take things forward.

    • u really think so? I mean he told me he likes me but he's never had a serious relationship. I doubt he's gonna make a move after I just told him last week that I'm moving in October. he just confuses me because he makes jestures towards things but then freaks out if I do something.

    • Yes. I think he just wants to get to know you better.

    • what about the fact he doesn't talk to anyone about me, and he only wants to go out late at night knowing I don't wanna be out late. my friends say he sounds gay or taken, but I don't think so.

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