Is "changing" from texting to FB messaging....

This guy and I texted for four months straight...then a month ago he stopped responding to my texts. About two weeks to a month before that, his ex girlfriend came back into the picture...not that they got back together. She posted sh*t on his FB, tagged him in somewhat innappropriate statuses & junk...she's got a mouth.

Attention whore... 'nuff said.

I was...still am...afraid that all is lost. Two weeks ago, I figured I'd shoot him a FBmessage, just to see if he'd reply or ignore it like he usually does. (Back when we were texting, he reply through text :) )

Surprisingly he replied & we've been communicating through there for the past month! I'm wondering...why?

Is there a positive, negative or no difference to him switching from texting to FBmessenger?


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  • I think he's more comfortable chatting with someone online. It's a positive difference from texting.

    • It's positive? lol I'm sorry to sound so dumb is that positive?

      I kinda figured he did that, because his ex was giving him sh* but I freak out over stupid sh*t like that! haha!

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