Can I make him mine?

So I like this guy alot. And we use to talk, Skype until 3/4am. He would say I was beautiful, pretty, cute etc. he would say all kinds of things, like I had the prettiest eyes. We hung out and he said all the same things. He cuddled me and kissed me, kissed me goodbye. A couple days later he ended up telling me he wasn't into me at all. I was upset of course, hurt and I felt like he lead me on. But I wanna turn that around. Is there anyway I can make him feel differently? Can a girl get a guy even though he says he's not interested? Can guys eventually become interested?


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  • In Serbia say, someone who knows how, you get two girls or more. The same goes for girls. Devote his attention, do not talk about your ex-boyfriend. Try to spend as much time together. Invite him to skiing or skating...Then make a romantic atmosphere, kiss him gently and seductively ...


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  • Yes, you can make him yours. Here are the steps.

    1. Spend a lot of time talking to him.

    2. Find time to hang out together.

    3. Be touchy around him,

    4. Tease him a lot.

  • In a nutshell, no.


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