Is me always texting him considered being clingy?

Theres this I guy I like and he likes me although we are not in a relationship yet we text alot! But he never texts me its always me texting him but he always answers and texts back we flirt but why doesn't he ever text me first? Is texting him first all the time considered being clingy?


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  • I'm in the same boat as you lol - don't know what to do. whenever I text him he texts back within seconds - but like you I don't want to come of as too clingy so I stop texting him and he usually texts me after two days - and so the cycle repeats. still don't know what do to about it - it's so annoying. because I do tell him "I miss your handsome face" and he does say "I miss you" but that's it :(

    • We talk a lot on school but were too shy to ask each other out and when I text him I feel super clingy especially because my freinds boyfreind dumped her on Christmas and all because he thought she was texting him too much

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    • oh nice - well I think if you smile nicely and ask him in person he has no chance but say yes :) good luck hun :)

    • Ok thx for your advice its been really helpfull! Good luck with your guy !

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  • Sometimes, you need to take the initiative. But try not texting him first for a while and see if he texts you first. If he doesn't text you, may be a sign that you are being a little clingy.

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