Any ideas for date night with a vegan

Im planning to go out with a friend Saturday night, he is vegan and I'm a meat eater. We always end up going to a vegan place where I can only eat fries. I don't need meat, pasta is fine with me but I don't like veggies, any suggestions in NYC? I wanted to go to a play or comedy show or something but he can't drink alcohol and anywhere we go, we have to have food options. Where could we go for a few hours to talk, eat and have entertainment? I can't seem to plan a fun Saturday night out because of our diet differences.


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  • Pizza should be okay, no?


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  • Just go for dates without any eating outs but just drinking time.

    Like go watch comedy plays/theaters and just order a drink.

  • the grass in Central Park. Pluck it out.


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