Guys which is prefered: FBMessenger or Texting?

A guy friend and I have been texting from September to late December. We became FBfriends in late Sept. He deleted his ex the same day, maybe the day after, he added me. Come mid Dec, he adds her back & she posts stupid stuff on his wall, & tags him in her statuses. I creeped her profile &...she's got a mouth. She vents ALL THE TIME about stupid sh*t! He says they're "just friends."

End of Dec/Beginning of January, he was very short with his texts & didn't reply all the time like he usually did.

10 days ago, I shot him a FB message, thinking nothing of it. He never responded to my other ones. Surprisingly he replied & we've been talking through there ever since.

Any ideas...why? Wouldn't texting be easier/more convenient, or is FB messenger & texting pretty similar?


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  • Text or call.

  • texting is better unless you're talking about a Facebook status


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