Five Good/Bad Topics For First Date

What do you think are 5 good topics for a first date and 5 bad topics for a first date?

Here is what I think.


1. Sex

2. Dating/Relationship History (in detail)

3. Politics/Religion (or anything controversial or academic)

4. Things you would talk to your therapist about

5. Your one-sided interests (that he or she doesn't share)


1. Hypothetical situations (for humor)

2. Places to travel, vacation, things to do

3. Life goals/aspirations

4. His/her hobbies/interests (that you share)

5. Family/friendship/people we admire

What about you?


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  • 6. Things you think that you, two, might be doing together in the near future.

    7. Your Childhood

    Those you've listed are actually great ideas.

    • are those 2 things in the bad category or the good one

    • Good Category.

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