Would you break up with a girl if she worried too much about you?

At what point does girl friend worrying go into the category of being too motherly?

My boyfriend lost his phone and I didn't hear from him for a week. I got concerned so when I called no answer, text no response. When he got his phone back a week later and saw my messages that I was concerned he got extremely angry with me. We both decided to take some time to ourselves now and talk about it in a week or so. At first he wanted to end it, I told him to just cool off maybe we can talk about this later. The next day he messaged me saying he willing to talk about this later as well.

Was I wrong to be this concerned?


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  • Both of you need to be more understanding. If the same happened to him, would he freak?

    He has to consider your position & understand that you weren't hearing from him & was thus concerned.

    Also, you can be more understanding by looking at how you view your boyfriend's character. If he usually responds to you, then you could have viewed this as an extenuating circumstance.

    Also, men (or myself at least) don't like when women over react to things. So this was probably something he viewed as a big emotional overreaction.thus you have his reaction to this as being mad.

    But both of you can learn a general principle from this: view each other as good people who get into circumstances. Also, be quick to forgive & be understanding. Also, learn to ask in a calm manner "I'm concerned because I haven't heard from you. Can you tell me what's going on?"

    As to whether or not he will break up, it depends. One time doesn't really matter. But if you react to stuff like this all the time, too frequently, or just get all worked up over small stuff all the time, then it can annoy him into breaking up.

  • Long story short Yes.

    Its nice to be Concerned an Caring, but its another thing to be worried that I would cheat at work with customers in the restroom, an every time I go home she smells my D*** for being insecure.

    • lol not cheating wise.. I never worry about him cheating. Its not a trust issue. Its just I get concerned if he's OK. How about if he's not feeling well or maybe he's sad or upset. That type of worrying.

    • He should respond through trust. But needless worrying will only make you sick, if you become a worry wart. Remember before y'all got together he was fine, that won't change just because y'all got together. He still will be fine. But Caring is a good thing

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