Should I stop trying, are we just too different to make it works?

The extroverted guy I don't have feeling for is all over me (touchy, telling me I look good, etc).

While, the respectful introverted guy that I am into is too nervous to be around me. I have to be the one that initiated the conversation, the play tennis date, and generous texts. He is usually smiling/nervous laugh. He even laughs in most of his text responses.

The thing is I am more extroverted and I can't tell if I am intimidating him or he just can't say no because he is a nice guy. However, if I don't initiate, he won't. Help!


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  • Strange because normally those type of guys (or girls) TEXT BOMB you after they get asked out all the time

    I beleave he sees you as a friend or too afraid to confess he likes you and fantasizes at night bout you but is too intimidated to admit he likes you since he gets nervious whenever he communicates with you

    Its kinda hard to tell what is going on with him

    • I know, I am kind of lost too. The extroverted guy is very obvious and I have no feeling. While this introverted guy is so respectful and nice that I feeling like I over stepping his boundary just by talking to him. He also told my coworker (his friend) about me asking him to tennis. My coworker didn't sound excited that I was hanging out with his friend. Is that a sign that I shouldn't bother him?

    • Noyour coworker seems to like you also if he wasn't exited about it. That makes sense... jealousy ofcourse

      You must be a pretty girl! Well I guess you should ask him for something else next time then tennis I'm sure it will be alright. Introverts need some time to take the hint that you like him.. maybe invite him over for a good movie as it keeps him away from the crowd outside

    • I am pretty average looking. Anyways, the coworker has a girlfriend but he loves tennis and is pretty good. I told him we should all play sometime when I get better. He got so excited. Hihi. Now, I have to get better to actually play with them. I live too far to invite him home but maybe I will ask him to coffee afterward. I am used to guys coming to me and it feels weird to be the one that initiate contact.

      I hope he likes me or want to be friend, instead of being too nice to say no to me.

  • The respectful introverted guy is really into you. You should try making things work at first, because he's slow to open up people. Eventually, he'll be the one who'll initiate everything, and your job is to just sit there and relax.

    • I will try to not give up hope too soon. If the only thing I get out is a great friend, I am OK with that. I just sort of wish I could actually tell.

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