Group Dating.....Please Help!

My boyfriend asked me out today but we are taking things slow since we are both new to relationships. He isn't allowed to go on one-on-one dates so we have to go with some of my friends. Do you have any group date ideas? I will be seeing him on Sunday and maybe Friday each week for youth group. How often should we go on group dates? And how many people should go on the date with us? Please give me your advice!


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  • You should limit your group dates as much as possible.

    If you, two, can make things work out with just the two of you alone, try dating alone together.

    Group date ideas? You should go play billiards, watch comedy plays, bowling, or lots of others that involve physical activities.


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  • Earlier on in high school, my friends really liked bowling. You could always do movies, laser tag, dinner, etc. Double dates can be fun, but I don't know exactly what kind of group your parents are talking about.


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