Girls, your boyfriend tearing up in front of you about a fight, did I just screw myself over?

My girlfriend and I of 5 months had our first fight. I was upset about it the whole day and she was really pissed at me. It wasn't anything about cheating. She wasn't happy with the way I was acting toward her one time.

When we were talking about it I got kind of upset and started tearing up. Not like crying a lot but some tear drops came out. She was just joking, but she said I was like the girl in the relationship.

So naturally this was really embarrassing for me. I shouldn't have cried and I didn't handle it like I should have. She didn't text me last night and hasn't texted me at all today.

Personally I think it's ridiculous she's still mad about it. It happened like 2 days ago and we've never had a fight before this.

Girls, is it terrible that I was tearing up a little? Also what do you think is going through her head?


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  • Honestly I think the fact you teared up is a good thing. It means you value the relationship and you don't want to lose it.


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  • Chill down. Don't get embarrassed about letting out your emotions and that too, which happened out of your control. If she finds this to be a turn off, you can't do much about it.

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