Why does he respond if he's not into me?

I got liquid courage and Facebook messaged a guy I've hung out with a couple times but haven't seen in awhile. I said that we should hang out, he agreed, I asked when, he said next week or weekend, so I suggested Wednesday. He said alright and I told him to message me or text me to set it up. Anyways, I highly doubt that we will hang out, so I'm wondering why would he respond and say he wants to hang out if he really doesn't? Wouldn't it be easier on him to not reply or say he's busy?


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  • Wow you have no self esteem. You obviously think he's too good for you if you have to be drunk just to ask, and when he says yes you assume he is lying to you. How bout you stop treating yourself that way and when he says yes, assume he means yes. Maybe he thinks you have more value than you do. How bout before you assume he is gonna blow you off and start asking why, you give him a chance to follow through?


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