Some advice to what the next step is?

Ok, so I have known this girl for around 7 months or more. We became pretty good friends. We flirt all the time, still do. We've had 3 make out sessions that didn't last supper long, (I stopped, didn't want to get out of hand). Anyway we both seem to adore each other. We've cuddled also. I went to kiss her on the cheek and she turned toward me and started kissing me on the lips. Also asked me if I'd like to stay (few nights ago). It seems like we are boyfriend girlfriend, we treat each other like boyfriend girlfriend ... do either of us really need to say anything to make it "official" I just feel like it cheapens it?


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  • Don't say anything yet, it will all fall into place. Everything seems normal and nice, just relax and enjoy each others' company :)


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  • You don't really need to say it.

    Just treat her like your own girlfriend.

    Also, ask her to hang out with you often. That will really make things official. Ask her sometimes to dates to make her feel really special.

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