What kind of girls do bad boys date?

How do they decide on who to make their girlfriend and who to just mess around with? I mean they will end up cheating on the girl anyways or leaving, so why do they date certain girl and not others?


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What Guys Said 1

  • They date women who they can easily gain their trust then cheat on them or choose to be single and just mess around or pretend to some girls they want a relationship. I'm sorry some guys are like this.

    • I would never date a bad boy anyways

      I actually don't want to date anyways. I'm young, I want to have fun and just become succes

      But it's sad guys do that

What Girls Said 1

  • forget about bad boys have fun

    • Bad boys are fun to mess around with

      Btw look at their face and smile then look at their peepee an laugh

      Works every time

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