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I've known this guy for 4 months. When I first met him I only seen him once I begged to see him again but he said he was busy and wasn't able to see me 2 months later. Anyway because if that I kept shutting him out. Now when I met him he told Me he was 29 and lived in new Rochelle. I cut him off by December I decided to reach out. Things picked up and we decided to date, within a month time I fell for him. Now we are not together because he lied I me about the area where he lives and age. Here I am dating a guy and don't know where he lives, but that wasn't the icing on the cake . He got mad because I said he was a liar. Jumping forward I pulled away but not e cause if him but because I was also dealing with personal things sickness with a family member and the day I was going to tell him he got mad at me said because I wasn't talking about my feelings with him he didn't want to talk I got mad told him I hate him and never call me again now I miss him but I refuse to call him because I feel he should be understanding what should I do?


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  • talk an try to communicate, tell him what you just wrote so you both can be on common ground.


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