Should I reach out to him or no?

Me and this guy that I'm dating were planning to see each other this weekend. I told him Thursday "I'm around this weekend if you're free so just let me know." He says "perfect, I'm just waiting until tomorrow to get my work schedule for the weekend." so Friday night rolls around and he texts me "I wanted to go out tonight but I'm so exhausted, I have to be up at 6am for work and I'm underneath the covers already :(" so I answer "ok, have a goodnight!" he says "thank you, I'm all tucked under the covers already lol" and I say "good, get some rest." And that was our conversation, but he didn't mention anything about getting together over the weekend.

Should I text him the next day and ask him what's going on or should I let him come to me? And if I do text him, what should I say?

Thanks :)


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  • Ya he'll be glad to see your text! What's the worst that could happen!

  • just text an see if its still cool for us to hang out?

    Its short an simple


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