When is the right time to send the text?

I've never been good with the whole texting while in the "getting to know you" phase with someone. To make matters worse, I was in a decently long relationship and forgot how to get back into the dating scene!

Long story short, I am back on the market. I met a really nice guy, and we are currently living an hour apart (I drive out there three days a week for school). He used to text me every three days just to say hey. We finally went on our first date on Thursday. I think it went well, we laughed and talked a lot. When he dropped me off he said he wanted to get dinner soon and gave me a little kiss goodbye! Although the kiss was a tad awkward, I got the impression he wanted to see me again.

I texted him a little while later saying thanks again, and that I had a really nice time. He responded with, "I had a great time as well, we should definitely get dinner soon!"

Sooo now its been about two days and I haven't heard from him. Since I initiated the last text, I feel weird doing it now. Should I just wait until he texts me again? We never picked a day for dinner, so everything is kind of up in the air for now.

Gosh I am so awkward hahah


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  • Everyone is awkward at this stage, so just set yourself a deadline...maybe give him another day..and then just send a short, noncomittal message saying you miss him.see if/how he responds!

    There are no longer any srict rules about who texts first and when it's 'appropriate' to contact someone. That's so old fashioned of you!

    Good luck!


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