Suggestions for first date questions?

On a first date, I want to make sure the conversation keeps moving and there isn't an awkward silence. What are some good open-ended questions (which take longer to answer) to ask on a first date?


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  • "Don't try to get to know me within the time span of this date. I'd rather not play 20 questions all night. I'd rather just spend this night eating good food with good company. Its no use to judge a book by its cover, so for all intents and purposes, you are good company until I have the pleasure or displeasure of getting to know you more. Please, will you pass me the pepper and tell me about the single best thing that happened to you all day. I'd like to know." :)

    He responded by asking me out on date #2.

    Try just asking someone about the best thing that happened to them, whether it is small or large, usually that gets them to think and provides a good deal of conversation. We exchanged many stories this way and it also tells you a lot about a person right away.


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  • Don't over think about ways to make him like you more. You've already been asked out, it means he likes you. Don't worry about trying to look like an interesting conversationalist, guys know women are not into our stuff. Just be a normal girl. Believe me, being average is more than enough for you girls.

  • Sometimes silence is nice, doesn't have to be awkward.

    Anyways, questions about his interests, current events, whatever gets him excited are good ones.


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  • Literally just ask or say whatever is on your mind. Your mind has enough things to say that would occupy a lifetime.

    Thinking about things to say ahead of time will make it sound like an interview, unnatural, and can run into awkward pauses in discussions.

    Just speak, anything. Then you are truly showing who you are. If they don''t like it, that's okay. One day you'll sit down with someone who does.

    • dont belive her . Just agree with what she says . IF you are not good looking she is the only girl who will ever give you the privilege to take her on a date . Girls only care about looks

    • That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard

    • makes you feel better about your own answers being down-rated when something as sensible as this is. The chief issue people run into is that they use too much force. If something isn't meant to be, it's not meant to be. Allow things to flow naturally.

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