Is he not interested?

Okay so there's this guy. He's a sophomore in high school and I am a senior. I have a class with him and we started talking and flirting. He had a girlfriend who by the way has the same first name as me. They broke up and got back together god knows how many times. When they broke up for sure we started talking again and he asked me on a date. I couldn't make it so I had to cancel at last minute but told him I'd make it up to him. When we went on the date he took a while to get there. His excuse was he was stuck in the snow but he was hanging out with his friends, it was kind of my fault because I asked him if he still wanted to go on the date at last minute Friday night. But I waited at the movies for about 30+ minutes. We watched the movie and he asked if he could hold my hand and later asked if he could have a kiss. We held hands and kissed and at the end of the night hugged and said goodnight. During class I always see him looking at me, checking me out, smiling when I look back at him, etc. The thing is he never texts me first. When he sees me in person he'll say hi, ask me how I am doing, compliments me or something. But no text messages or calls. Not before the date and not after the date. When I text him he replies and we have a conversation or something but sometimes he takes hours to reply or just stops replying. I get that he might be busy but really like he can't at least send me a "hey, just wanted to say hi and I hope you're doing good" text or something. He told me (when we first started to talk about going on a date) that he had a really big crush on me and I told him the same. But again, he doesn't ever text me first. He has but it's rare when he does. So can this all really mean that he's not interested at all or what could it be? I thought it could be that he still has feelings for his ex too but I don't know, I'm not sure what to think, so what do you think? (Btw: I never went on any real dates before this was the first time)


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  • He's really interested.

    It's just that the text are bothering you.

    Most guys don't know how to start a text conversation so they wait for the girl to initiate, and they jump on it.


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