Women: what makes YOU a good catch? I heard on here one time women were complaining how women bash their man

And as everyone already knows, that men love to be nagged and insulted to other people behind our backs.

What do you do on a date to separate yourself from other women.

Because I go on an average of 3 dates a week with different women and its repetitive and boring.

Much of the time its like were reading resumes to each other and applying for a job that neither of us wants.

And since men are the ones who approach and do all the work it takes to get women I can't honestly think of ONE thing women do during the dating process to get me to like them.

Other than dressing up, sitting there, smiling and being entertained by me.

If you are so great, what makes you different?


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  • What makes me different?

    I talk about goofy things. I'm not a very serious person. I've been likened to Jenna Marbles and Zooey Deschanel in New Girl. I'm kinda bouncy.

    I never want to have kids. EVER.

    I'm a Libertarian - that's a bit different.

    I am usually the person dominating the conversation, not sitting and listening...

    I don't like dressing up too much for first dates.

    I prefer to start on dates with minimal talking if I do not know the person -ex: movies. If our short conversations go well then I will go on a more conversation based style date.

    I don't think that was really your question though. Are you leading the conversations to the boring resume place? Maybe ask some odd questions or share some different personal stories that she might relate to. Ask about her family- that might lead to some interesting stories? Maybe you are just meeting the wrong people?


    • no that was my question.


      I like that personalty that's awesome!

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    • Idk. When I learned about it I guess it wasn't so much!

      I have met a lot of people who are Libertarians and don't know it yet though!

    • Hahah I'm sure if she had that amazing personality it would make her seem prettier too!


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  • That's interesting... because I often plan dates with guys, and when I do, we do awesome fun things like playing Wii at my house or Lazer Tag. It's the opposite of boring! Dating shouldn't be a job interview haha.

    What do I do differently than other women? I do the "me" thing. I be myself. Because I AM different. :) Guys rarely get bored with me. It's hard to get bored with someone who acts like a goofball and isn't afraid to embarrass herself.

    • i gave you best answer but I found one that was better.

      sorry bout that.

  • "What do you do on a date to separate yourself from other women."

    When I go on a date, I'm not really thinking about how to "separate myself from other women". I go to have a good time with someone and get to know each other and see if we click. It's about him and me, not a competition between me and all the other women he's gone on dates with.

    "And since men are the ones who approach and do all the work it takes to get women I can't honestly think of ONE thing women do during the dating process to get me to like them.

    Other than dressing up, sitting there, smiling and being entertained by me."

    I've asked out most of the guys I've gone on dates with. I dress up and smile, but I don't expect the guy to do all the entertaining. I'm worrying about/trying to entertain him just as much as he is presumably trying to entertain me. It doesn't make sense to me to just "sit there and be entertained". Why would someone want to continue to date or possibly have a relationship with someone who they don't have fun with? That doesn't really make sense to me. Usually the fun and conversation is a two-way street, although I have been on dates with guys who were quite shy and I was the one leading the conversation, making suggestions on what we should do, etc. Usually it's mutual though.

    I don't think I'm "so great". I just try to have a good time and put my best foot forward.

  • Women: what makes YOU a good catch?

    Likely my youth, attractiveness, wealth, status, and personality.

    If you are so great, what makes you different?

    Whether I'm great is a tossup however I'm different as I'm generally seen as exceptionally attractive, I don't wear makeup, I'm not girlie or feminine like it seems most gals, I'm quite blunt with and have an extremely low threshold of compassion/empathy for guys unlike it seems most gals, I sew/knit/crochet my own wardrobe, I grow and cook/bake my own food, I'm especially charismatic and can easily manipulate others, and I have a variety of artistic hobbies and activities like painting, drawing, and sculpting.

    "I can't honestly think of ONE thing women do during the dating process to get me to like them."

    Seems to speak more about your standards than gals in general.

  • Umm, I bet your dates are repetitive and boring because you are repetitive and boring. It takes 2 to tango. Why in the world are you dating 3 different women every week? Don't you have a life? Are you that desperate for female attention?

    • this pretty much answers your question. Couldn't have said it better myself

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    • "There are some people who grew up feeling that they weren't worthy of nice

      treatment by others (from abusive parents, usually, although other adults

      in our lives can do it to us while we're still too young to know better

      than to believe the adults in our lives). These are the people who are

      "attracted" to abusers, because abuse fits in with what they feel they


      BTW, all of these reasons are irrelevant tot he point of statistical probablity, which I already proved you wrong on.

    • "as examples of how *I* am the problem - I'm the only one here who did that. Uh oh. The one you hate is the one who wasn't boring and repetitive.

      Actually the irony is quite funny considering I might be drawn to bitchy women. AKA you.

      Which means the problem is both my picker, and the women being boring.

      But only an inconsiderate fool would only blame the woman being abused instead of her abusers.

  • It's only going to be different when the girl you're dating isn't too preoccupied in pleasing you. Some women date just to see and figure out different men to find the qualities that's best suited to their own taste and if there's a connection, voila! Perfect!. I dated several men before but wasn't really much interested into getting in a relationship. I met my boyfriend by chance. We hit off because there was really a deep connection which til now I couldn't fathom.

    Dating would be boring when forced. Specially when you date several girls simultaneously..it would be harder to establish a deep connection which we usually want to experience when we're dating. And to fully get to know a woman, she has to have your full attention in a way she'd feel secure and comfortable enough to be herself without the usual sweet mask she wears when dating.

  • Hmm. Women starve themselves and spend countless hours shaving their natural body hair and painting their faces just so men won't be MEAN to them. But I guess that doesn't count for anything. Because now you need a show, too. What do YOU contribute? Aside from your outrageously entertaining personality?

    Don't hold your breath. Nobody's ever going to be worthy of basking in your glow.

  • Hmm...random, witty, quiet, kind..."think outside the box"

    When I was in HS I was very big (200+) so I was picked on a lot and pushed into the loner group. I used that to my advantage, I was forced to make my own path in life and think for myself (I had one best friend.) It taught me to be independent and live life...my way (since I was pretty much alone and kept away from everyone for fear of being picked on)

    Example I started to lose weight, worked really hard at school while others were out drinking/partying, volunteered a lot and became addicated to diablo.

    Weridest fact: I have D2 and all my characters are named after jimi hendrix songs...

  • @And since men are the ones who approach and do all the work it takes to get women ______________Not in reality.

  • The fact that I don't go on dates just because I'm asked...

    If I'm on a date with you, I want to be with YOU and not on a date.

    Maybe try that and it will be less boring.

    • "f I'm on a date with you, I want to be with YOU and not on a date."

      i like that.

  • I'm straightforward, easy, and a genius. What makes me different is that I don't like relationships I'd rather have friends with benefits. I don't think that makes me great but I don't mind myself.

    Physically: I'm half Japanese and athletic (but all my weight goes to my breasts).

  • On a good day (haha) I am hard working, motivated, creative, loving, compassionate...omg these may be true but I'm boring myself... let's see, I like good hip hop and I hit a bong like a champ, I'm also good at sex. :D

  • I'm the freaking sh*t... First off when I dress up I look prettier than 98% of women (that's being honest) I've never been on a date where I wasn't asked out for at least one more date. I smile a lot and have a great smile, I'm funny and witty so I would keep you engaged and on your toes... I'm also adorably sweet but I have sexy big eyes.. I have a cute small frame with a botton nose and long healthy hair and I get slightly nervous but somehow it looks adorable and refreshing.. That a really pretty girl like me would get nervous over a guy like you... You'de love me.. But sorry can't have me! lol

    • This made me laugh.

      I can tell you would be fun.

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    • thats awesome!

      There are too many women that try and be dudes and butch it up.

      Its like I like to hang out with you but I'm not attracted to that!

      You are just what most of me and my friends like.

      You are going to make some man very happy.

    • awe thanks buddy! One's you meet a girl who isn't stale bread you and she will be very happy too! :)

  • Maybe you like men?

    • So the best answer woman I gave is a man?

  • I've been dumped by three guys over the course of a year and half, so my confidence has kind of tanked. But, I think that I'm really nice person and maybe a little goofy/awkward.

    • did they tell you why it didn't work out?

      I always try and leave women better than I found them. Help them so that they can become a better person for knowing me. its doing a disservice not only to her but to the next people she dates.

    • Honestly, the past two guys both said really nice things to me they said that they thought I was beautiful, and sweet and that I deserved better. I think I just date weirdos.

  • On the first date it's near impossible to get to know someone for who they truly are. People get nervous and tongue tied and aren't sure what to say from the anxiety. It's pretty harsh to drew negative conclusions about someone based on one meeting.

    For someone to stand out, you need to take the time and make the effort to really get to know her. I'm lots of things and there are tons of great qualities about me but you will never know them unless you give me time to show them to you

    I have a kind heart, I won't say no to helping someone out if I'm in a position to do so. I love laughing and telling stories. I volunteer. I'm affectionate. I'm sweet. I like and have lots of hobbies and interests. I'm an interesting person with an interesting story. Get to know me

    • People get nervous and tongue tied and aren't sure what to say from the anxiety.

      i know, I'm like that too sometimes, but lots of times its hard to tell if a girl really likes you or she's just being standoffish, and its hard and frustrating to have a conversation with them when they don't know what to say, and I feel like I'm the only one doing the talking. You know what I mean?

  • I'm open, quirky, no misrepresentations about who I am, playful, adventuresome, and have many interests...so on the first date with my husband we clicked because we both like to sail. We also talked about other shared interests, and now have added more to our list. I also fully appreciate men for who they are and embrace that.

    For the record we're still playing and having fun!

    If you find someone with shared interests, the date may not be as boring. Hang in there and good luck!

  • i don't use make ups,dont do the fake laughs & moves,am intelligent & a guy could talk about almost everything with me

  • I just be myself.I know I won't click with every guy but I'm right for the ones who are compatible with me.I don't try too hard to impress a guy, I'm not a contestant on the bachelor

    I guess what guys like about me personally is that I'm playful, sweet, like to make jokes and like doing things that are daring and exciting


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