Guys: If a girl texted you this while drunk, what would you think?

Okay, so I was drinking with some friends the other day, and when I drink, I happen to text the guy I like haha. Well I warned him beforehand because everyone knows that when you're drunk you tell the truth. Anyway, I was texting my crush (we're really good friends) and sent three messages in a row. I said this,

"Do you wanna cuddle?"

"Omg I had too much."

"Ignore that."

I sent them right after another and kind of regreted it haha. He texted me back something about how cuddling was awesome and then I changed the subject. So guys, if a girl texted you that, what would you think?


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  • I'd think she was the same as when she was sober: a tease and testing me to see how I'll react.

    People don't tell the truth when sober, they just get more uninhibited.. A liar tells way bigger lies...Not the truth! People are mostly the same as when they are sober, just more extreme.


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  • She wants the d***.

    And it depends, you can be drunk and 'drunk text' the person you're in love with but if you're half a litre of gin or something you're going to say whatever

  • "why am I not there?"


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