Girl, would you date a guy that lived on a boat?

Not like a boat bum, but somebody that just didn't see the draw of having a place ashore because he liked being on the water. Would him not having a traditional home be a deal breaker?

  • Boats are cool. Rock on!
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  • No picket fence, no lovin'.
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  • Depends on the boat (details please)
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  • As long as we get to f*** every morning/night to the sounds of the waves. Rock that boat for sure.

    I honestly don't mind. It's something different.

    • Cool. I've dated a few ladies that liked it at first, but wanted me to "grow up" and move ashore and buy a house. You can guess how well that worked out, lol!

    • Yeah, I'd be only worried if someone got the boat to sink... Tragedy.

  • No I wouldn't


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