What dating web sites have you used, and what were the pros/cons of each? Which sites would you recommend?

I'm at a new school and haven't really adjusted yet, so I haven't started talking to anyone yet, so I'm considering trying out a dating website and see if I can meet a guy or even just make some friends.

Which ones have you used, and how was each one? Would you recommend them?


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  • eHarmony:



    -More rigorous matching system


    -There is a lame process where you exchange pre-written multiple choice questions, and each person has to agree to continue this three times before you can free message

    -You only get to view 8 matches a day. It's basically a waiting game.

    -People can block you from viewing their profile, just because they don't like your picture. It can hurt your feelings kinda :-\

    -In your case, if you're a student I wouldn't choose this one because the crowd seems like they're looking for a lifelong spouse type of deal




    -You go straight to messaging them with whatever you want.

    -It's for more casual dating I've felt

    -You can get invited to Match "Events" which is basically a bar or restaurant in your area...they group together all the ideal Matches (i.e. age and race) so that they can all mingle in person


    -Not many people unless you're in a very large city or within 50 miles of one

    -You have to pay $5 a month just for little features like to see if they've read your message, etc

    -If you don't subscribe, you can only "Wink" which means they know you've liked their profile. All they can do is "Wink" back and that's that. Basically they see you as approachable if they see you in public. You can't see who has viewed your profile, but there will be a view counter and how many people have viewed just to mess with your mind into paying up.




    -It's free for every feature

    -A lot of people typically because it's free


    -There are a TON of fake profiles, or people who just aren't really active/half-assing it

    -There is an option to indicate if you're looking for casual sex. A lot of horny guys go on there

    -Most of the girls there get flooded with perverted messages. I created a fake female profile to experiment and found the following that are just MILD:


    "You're pretty :)"

    "How's it going?"

    That will be the whole message. It might get to your head that you just post your picture/profile and get 10+ messages a day. A lot of girls on those sites treat the guys like sh*t, if only by ignoring them.

    Overall, I'd only recommend Match. If you subscribe for only a month it's $35, and the limited profile is free. Good luck


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  • Awful for guys. Imagine a world where girls don't initiate f*** all, the guys are the only ones who do.. Oh wait...

    But girls are sent hundreds of messages if they look average, they ignore most and expect massive essays to be written and don't even glance until they see your profile, so the f*** should guys say anything except 'sup?'

    If you're a girl you'll have to deal with the odd guy or 2, I can give you some if you want, message me.

  • PlentyofFish would be the most recommended one.

    Pros: It's free.

    Cons: Lacks people from my region, and over populated by guys.

  • Don't try Datehookup.com, Too many rude & weird people that like insulting new people an lying to people online.

    • Thanks for the tip... any that you WOULD recommend?

    • probably Facebook,because its free,an instant chat. Also "NEVER & I MEAN NEVER" listen to Anyone on any website that wants you talk to them through yahoo.Instance Message. 99% of the the time its Scammer, that wants to give you BS sad story, ask you to send them money, because they're trapped in Africa or something. I hate Assholes like that, who trick honest people

  • any luck I'm searching now... I'm on okcupid I get 6-7 girl lookers really cute ones but no messages. I posted questions on here to make a profile. But from what I heard 30-50 guys will email girls perverted stuff so it's a hard one to any trust for guy...


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