Would you date/marry someone who was involved with your mum/dad before you met?

I was watching The Graduate last night and thought I should ask this question to see some responses.

Let's say you were dating a girl/guy and you really liked them and things were going well and you could see yourself in a relationship with them. Then you start talking about your dating and sexual history and they told you they had a fling before they met you. You are fine with this because it is in the past so you both end up getting into a relationship. Then, after a while you both find out that the person your boyfriend/girlfriend had a fling with was your mum/dad. Would you still continue with the relationship? You both met after the affair had ended and they didn't know you were the child of the person they had an affair with.

What would you do?


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  • Oh gosh no.

  • Nooooope.


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