How can I get this guy interested in me romantically?

This guy:

We recently joined groups in a class, and me and him haven't really talked. I've glanced at him once when I met him and he quickly glanced back and then I pretended I didn't glance:$. Another time during class he was suppose to be sitting near us I was looking around to see where he was, and I saw him he noticed me looking at him and I think he had "wtf" expression on his face. Then as I left the classroom walking down the hallway I entered a different room and he specifically turned his head to see where I was heading (don't know if that makes a difference)

I'm very clueless when guys do actually have interest. If a guy I like tries to talk to me I come off "bitchy" to them b.c. I always think they are going to reject me, which a few have in the past indirectly.

Here`s some details about me:

-never kissed/ had a boyfriend

-last semester in college

-tried online dating, very bad results (guys lie, or are jerks)

-I'm sort of tall 5 feet 7 and look about 150 lbs...even though I am more than that all my friends have guess that weight.

-I'm curvy lol big boobs and have a bit of a booty

-problem is I'm east Indian but only really attracted to white guys (I can't help it)

Any advice, or tips?


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  • Have you tried going out with your friends? Maybe you might see your new friend there. The relaxed atmosphere of a night club or bar tends to bring the brave side out of you and it could be the catalyst you need to break the ice. The pressure of talking to you in that type of setting could cause him to be shy and he may never talk to you.


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  • "Last semester In college"- go for it :D

    • Just hope he's not reading this question on here loll

  • I don't see any problem with you being Indian. Indian girls can be pretty hot. I even dated one for a while. Anyway you sound alright to me. As for how you get him interested romantically, I'm not sure. I suppose the first step is actually talking to him. After that, I think one way to go is flirting with him. link What do you think?


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