21 year old dating a guy in his 30's, is it appropriate for someone being inexperienced?

I'm asking this because I'll be 22 in June and I never been with no one before so I barely have any experiences and I didn't have a lot of life experiences due to being in the house a lot but I am going out a little more and talking to people but not really looking for guys cause I don't wanna rush things, I just wanna do it when the time is right. But I do have a personal preference for guys. I prefer for a guy to be at least in his early to late 30's because a lot of times guys around that age are more mature mentally. But I'm a little embarrassed to say that I have the mental capacity of a 13 year old, I love to laugh, giggle, and act silly cause I just love to have fun but that's just me. But do you think it's appropriate for a 21 year old to date a guy in his 30's inexperienced? Thanks for your answers. Any good advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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  • What matters here is the following

    1- Do you care what people say ?

    2- Are you doing because of your personal preference or is it because the older ones are the ones that make the move ? Like if you have a choice .. and you can get any one you want .. what do you choose?

    3- In case.. God forbid.. you get broken hearted... does it matter for you how old was the guy that broke your heart?

    4- Do you believe that a first relationship would probably be the everlasting one ? weather with an 22 year old or with a 35 year old?

    5- Do you .. as a person.. know what you want out of this relationship.. I mean forget for a while about him.. what do you want .. where do you see yourself in 2 , 5 , 10 years ?

    6- If thus older guy is using you for sex.. would it matter if it is an older guy that does it or a young guy ?

    The most important thing is that you enter relationships in a healthy way .. that you are happy and ready ... the best defence against heartbreak and issues is that you sit and mature yourself up-to the event .. do your homework .. take advice... take precautions and then do what YOU feel is right... you must understand that this life always has issues.. and this applies to every one... you will never be free from mistakes .. but the most important thing is that you do your homework before...

    Hope I helped


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  • No this is a whole generation's sage difference. Especiallly given your lack of experience, it's like dating yur uncle or your teacher..yu aren't equals, and never will be in any relationship.

    Now, that works for some women, of course. Are you one of those girls, who needs a dad rather than a partner? Ask yourself that and give yourself an honest answer!

  • Only you can answer that as long as your happy I see nothing wrong with it.


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