How can I start talking to this guy, or should I?

I don't think I'm pretty so I look for guys that aren't a 10 as well. Is this wrong of me? I'm debating on trying to talk to a guy on a dating site. He has like 10 pictures but only one is actually him. I would like to think we would be a decent match.


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  • If you think he's a great match, start talking him. Draw questions that will make you know him better. That should give you an idea if he's worthy for you.

    About your self-esteem about your appearance, that's a bad thing.

    You should be more confident of your self, and be comfortable with it.

    It's not bad hoping to be with a "10" guy. Set your eyes higher.

  • hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up. 10 pics but only one is him?

    You also need more confidences in yourself. All women are beautiful in their own unique way.


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